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University Education an Instrument for Progress: Methodological Proposal to Measure the Impact of University Graduates


Higher education has been a critical factor to generate knowledge for different civilizations. Additionally, it has determined the administration capabilities of nation-state during last centuries. General objective of this paper is to gather information that may be taken into account for the new strategic plan of EARTH University. Information was collected about world education centers oriented towards academic excellence, a procedure to rank universities worldwide is analyzed, and a methodology is proposed to measure the impact of university graduates. Some common aspect among education centers reviewed are the following: (1) strong emphasis on the relation of practice and theory; (2) a close interrelation between teaching and researching under a transdiciplinary approach; (3) promotion of a culture of expanding current knowledge (4) creation of an environment in which education centers feels from society high expectations for organization, students and graduates. Impacts can be at the national, regional and world level; (5) Holistic approach. EARTH University has all the previous features, and it is recommended to keep and strength them. The procedure to rank universities worldwide used by Shangai Jiao Tong is a valuable contribution to the world. It is recommended for Latin América to develop a procedure to evaluate universities appropriate to the local context. The methodological procedure suggest to measure the impact of university graduates taking into account individual, family, community, national, and world level. For each level economic, social, environmental and political dimensions are considered.

Key words: university ranking, higher education, impact of university graduates.

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