ISSN: 1659-2751



Participative Design of a Tourism Product to Benefit the Community of Lepanto, Costa Rica


In recent years, the community of Lepanto, Puntarenas has been subjected to adverse economic and social conditions with few options for improving the quality of life of the community members. A growing population and employment opportunities dependent on agriculture, livestock and fisheries has led to the development of an initiative for a social development project in this community as an economic alternative that could contribute to improving the living conditions for the community members. The objective of this project is to develop community‑based, sustainable tourism, by providing a competitive high quality service to customers while at the same time fostering strategic partnerships with organizations and institutions that support the community with technical training in administration, finances and conservation. The tourist destinations in the community, as well as the potential natural resources and cultural tourist attractions, were evaluated and the information was used to define the economic, environmental, and social aspects of a sustainable tourism product.

Key words: quality of life, women without resources, fishermen, marine resource, natural resources, sustainability, community tourism.

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