ISSN: 1659-2751



Nutrient Absorption Curve for the Rootstock Flying Dragon


Knowing the growth curve of a crop is critical for the development of a nutrient absorption curve. With this information an appropriate fertilization program can be used for Flying Dragon citrus trees. A nutrient absorption curve was developed for each element analyzed. This will determine the extraction of each nutrient per plant. Samples were taken every two weeks starting four weeks after planting until grafting 24 weeks after planting. The plant parts with higher dry matter (DM) accumulation were the stem and root tissues as they are primarily in charge of the structure, anchor and vigor of the plant, particularly in these early stages of development. After six months, plants weighed on average 14.4 g of fresh material (FM) and 5.8 g of DM g and extracted 157.4 mg of N, 13.9 mg of P, 95.2 mg of K, 81.6 mg of Ca, and 20.9 mg of Mg.

Key words: fertilization, Flying Dragon, oranges, plant nutrition, nursery.

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