ISSN: 1659-2751



Growth and Absorption of Nutrients in Pineapple (Ananas comosus, Var. Md-2) in the Humid Tropics of Costa Rica


Pineapple (Ananas comosus var. MD-2) growth curves were developed based on fresh weight (FW) and dry matter (DM). Absorption curves of macro and micronutrients were also calculated, determining the amount of nutrients extracted in the growth and production phases, and total accumulation of nutrients in the crop cycle. The curves showed a very low growth and nutrient uptake trend in the first eight weeks. The nutrient demand was greater during the development stage, particularly for N y K. In total, nutrients absorbed by 65 000 plants/ha were 639 kg/haN, 70 kg/ha P, 1072 kg/ha K, 144 kg/ha Ca, 121 kg/ha Mg, and 55 kg/ha Fe.

Key words: absorption curve, growth curve, fresh matter, dry matter, plant nutrition, nutrient, pineapple.

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