ISSN: 1659-2751



Community Action for the Management of the Natural Resources in the Direct Zone of Influence of the Reventazón Hydroelectric Project


In this study, information was collected in 13 communities directly located in the area influenced by the Reventazon Hydroelectric Project (PHR). It was designed to know the use and the changes of the uses of the Reventazon River, analyze actions for the management of natural resources, and identify the type of leadership in the community. In addition, some projects from these communities were recorded as models to follow for other communities. In the analysis, it was found that the communities had used the Reventazon River and some of these communities have changed their use. The community, government, non-governmental organizations (NGO´s), and external educative institutions generated the actions for natural resource management. The types of leadership exercised in these communities were: democratic, autocratic, and delegate. The roles of leaders who prevailed were functional and continual.

Key words: community actions, communities, hydroelectric, leadership, organization, natural resources, Reventazon River.

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