ISSN: 1659-2751



Analysis of the System of Integrated Management of Solid Waste at the Institutions of the Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions


This project focused on the analysis of the integrated management of solid waste of the Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions (REDIES). A survey was conducted in order to illustrate the vision of the user regarding the different strategies implemented and their impact in each institution. To extend this perspective and thoroughly understand the various processes and strategies implemented, interviews were conducted with representatives from each REDIES institution. Through these sources of information, characteristics of each institution were determined. These included the composition and quantity of solid wastes and the different resources available to them. It also was observed that in certain institutions the management of solid wastes has been carried out for a number of years, while others were just starting to implement ideas and management plans. Users made clear their interest in promoting environmental education and the rational use of natural resources, as well as their availability to collaborate and promote viable alternatives. In addition, in most cases, users said that they were not actively included in the management plan and that the implemented strategies were not based on the reality of each institution.

Key words: environmental education, integrated waste management, Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions (REDIES), solid wastes, rational use of resources.

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