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Advanced Technologies for Plantain Crop in Association with Coffee for Small Farm Producers in Vereda San Ciro


In order to establish a system to link small scale coffee and plantain producers, an investigation was carried out. The project took place in the village of San Ciro, Oporapa Municipality, Huila Department, Colombia. This is located between coordinates 2°01’51” N 76° 00’05” W. A diagnosis was done in the community using the Rural Invest methodology where 60 farmers were surveyed. Through literature review and using identified coffee-plantain experiences, plantain clones best suited for this partnership were identified. It was also determined how to improve the coffee quality and the biodiversity of the area. Using with the information collected, a coffee production system associated with plantain was designed to wean farmers from a single monoculture income. The social, economic and productive conditions of the families in the community were determined. Moreover, the most commonly used coffee varieties, seeding rates, monthly income from coffee production areas, and producers who are willing to associate with coffee-plantain were determined. It was concluded that the Dominico Harton and Harton clone should be used. It is also important to regulate the shade in the coffee to improve the quality. Two production systems were designed. The first coffee-plantain association with three-years pruning cycles and the second one is the banana-coffee association every 5 rows. This way will generate another source of income for the producer and improve their quality of life and their community in general.

Key words: partnership, coffee, banana, better income, better quality of life, employment, value added, two sources of income.

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