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Absorption of Nutrients and Growth of Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia)


A technological package focused on a nutritional plan for the production cycle of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is of great demand. A scientifically proven fertilization program would increase yields and would offer a longer life span of the crop. In terms of managing vanilla crops, there is no information about nutritional requirements, affecting its productive capacity and its potential to resist diseases. This project aimed to facilitate the nutritional crop management in vanilla plantations. Nutrient absorption curves were developed for vanilla, the nutritional demands were determined during 12 weeks in EARTH University, Las Mercedes de Guácimo, Costa Rica. Considering 6000 plants/ha, the monthly amounts of nutrients to be provided were: 4.32 kg/ha of N, 0.41 kg/ha of P, 6.0 kg/ha of K, 1.5 kg/ha of Ca and 6.2 kg/ha de Mg. The optimal nutrient ranges for vanilla were: 1.10 % to 2.43 % for N, 0.16 % to 2.43 % for P, 2.34 % to 5.64 % for K, 0.48 % to 2.64 % for Ca, and 0.12 % to 0.77 % for Mg.

Key words: nutrient absorption, fertilization program, optimal nutrient range, Vanilla planifolia.

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