ISSN: 1659-2751



Physiological Evaluation of the Nutritional Properties of the Fungicide Propineb for Banana (Musa spp.)


The goal of this field study was to evaluate the capacity of the fungicide to supply the necessary Zn to a banana crop. Banana plants were maintained in a hydroponic medium with Zn concentrations, (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100) % based on the banana needs during the first five months of growth. In addition, every five days the plants were sprayed with a foliar treatment of fungicides: propineb (16 % of Zn) mancozeb (standard fungicide used to control black leaf streak with 5 % of Zn), propineb alternated with mancozeb (P + M) and the control. The results indicated that propineb increased Zn levels in the banana plants. In addition, the increasing Zn concentrations in the nutrient solution slightly increased the biomass production in banana plants but there were no evidence of visual or morphological differences. There were no differences in leaf chlorophyll content among treatments under study. According to the results obtained, it was concluded that the fungicide propineb, besides controlling black leaf streak, can be a useful tool for banana producers to correct Zn deficiencies. It could also reduce costs and increase the efficiency use of crop inputs for banana production.

Key words: banana, mancozeb, propineb, Zn.

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