ISSN: 1659-2751



Nutrient Absorption Curves for Pineapple (Ananas comosus var. MD-2)


Absorption curves of macronutrients were developed in pineapple (var. MD-2). The nutritional demand of the crop through its stages of development and production was determined and improvements to the fertilization program were proposed at the Finca Pavón, of Grupo B & Jimenez, in Pavón de Los Chiles, Alajuela, Costa Rica. During the first 14 weeks after planting, the nutrient demand was low. From that moment to the floral induction (41 weeks after planting), the vegetative growth phase took place. In this phase, the crop demanded large amounts of nutrients, especially N and K, which were mainly accumulated in the leaves. The K continued to be absorbed in significant quantities until harvest (62 weeks after planting), and a significant part of it was accumulated in the fruit. During flowering and fruit development, there was translocation of many nutrients from the leaves to the fruit and the crown. The recommendations made to the farm were to maintain the doses of N, P and K and to continue a program of fertilization that takes into account the nutritional requirement of the crop as well as the nutrient status of the soil.

Key words: fertilization, mineral nutrition, plant nutrition, pineapple.

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