ISSN: 1659-2751



Export of Nutrients (N, P, K) from Organic Bananas at EARTH University


The banana, Musa sp., is a very important crop in tropical regions, not only from the economic point of view but also for its great importance as food, due to its high nutritional value. The experiment was conducted in order to determine the quantity of nutrient being exported from the organic and conventional bananas grown at EARTH University. The objective was to establish the quantity of nutrient that must be returned to the system in order to achieve efficiency in resource usage. The experiment was conducted with four organic banana treatments (legume, fruit, forestry, and cocoa) and a conventional treatment. Biometric measures were taken (kilograms of rachis and individual bananas, and % moisture) and chemical analysis of nutrients (N, P, K) exported in both bananas and rachis. The amount of N, P, K exported in the bananas bunches, in the period of one year, was determined. In all treatments, the quantity exported was less than has been reported in other studies.

Key words: absorption, export, nutrients in banana.

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