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Control of Parasitic Nematodes of Banana with Alternative Products to Synthetic Nematicides in Established and Renewed Plantations


The goal of this research study was to evaluate the effect of Bioact (spores of Paecilomyces lilacinus), the fungicide Silvacur and the organic amendments, banana rachis compost and cattle manure compost for controlling plant parasitic nematodes and enhancing root health in an established banana plantation and a renewed plantation. The treatments, and a control with no applications, were distributed in a completely random block design with three replicates for both plantations. The results obtained indicated that for the established and the renewed banana plantation there were no significant differences among treatments on the reduction of the density of plant parasitic nematodes. However, in the established banana plantation, there were higher densities of plant parasitic nematode in comparison with the renewing plantation. In addition, the burrowing nematode Radopholus similis was predominant in the established plantation with a percentage of 83 % of the whole population of plant parasitic nematodes. In the renewed plantation, the predominant plant parasitic nematode was Meloidogyne spp. with 85 % of the whole population of nematodes. With regards to the root health, the necrotic index in the established plantation registered 49 % as compared to just 9.5 % in the renewed plantation. In addition, the percentages of functional roots were higher in the renewed plantation than in the established one with 88 % and 68 %, respectively. For root diameter, the established plantation obtained a value of 7.0 mm in comparison with just 5.1 mm in the renewed plantation. The results indicated the importance of research to be able to better determine the suppressor potential of organic amendments for control of plant parasitic nematodes and for the growth and health of the banana root system, both in established and renewed plantations.

Key words: compost, organic amendments, plant parasitic nematodes, necrotic index, functional roots, root health.

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