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Use of Endophytic Fungi as Growth Promoters in Banana


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of three endophytic fungi, Endo1, Endo2 and Endo3, belonging to Trichoderma atroviride genus, on plant growth of tissue-cultured plants (vitroplants) and cormplants from the banana cultivar Gran Enano. Six-week old vitroplants, and microcorms of 400 g to 500 g, were dipped in a spore suspension of each fungus with a concentration of 1 x 106 CFU for a period of five minutes. The three endophytic fungi were able to colonize the internal tissue of the vitroplants and cormplants. The height of the plants was the best variable to describe the plant growth. With the vitroplants, at the end of the experiment, the Endo1 and Endo2 registered the best growth, 20.3 cm and 20.2 cm, respectively, as compared with Endo3 with 18.9 cm, and the control with 17.6 cm. The Endo2 and Endo3 treatments significantly increased the height of cormplants at the end of six weeks, 19.8 cm and 18.6 cm respectively, as compared to the control with 12.8 cm. For the vitroplants, the Endo1 and Endo2 treatments had the highest values of fresh biomass, 135.2 g and 124.5 g, respectively, as comparred to the control with 109.3 g. For the cormplants, the best treatments were Endo2 and Endo 3 with 436.0 g and 423.6 g respectively, as compared to the control with 334.2 g.

Key words: biomass, cormoplants, colonization, banana crop, endophytic fungi, inoculation, biological improvement, growth enhancement, vitroplants.

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