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Use of Agrimag and its Effect on the Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Soil in a Banana Plantation


The management of pH and soil acidity is a key factor to maximizing productivity in the cultivation of bananas. This study evaluated the effect of two doses of calcium and magnesium hydroxides (Agrimag®) on chemical and microbiological characteristics of the rhizosphere of a banana crop. The study was conducted at the San Alberto of Costa Rica, evaluating three treatments 10 g/plant, 20 g/plant and a control. The experimental field design was a completely randomized block with eight replications. Soil samples were sampled by depth monthly. Four months after initiating the application, full chemical and microbiological soil analysis were carried out. The mostly soil chemical analysis showed no significant differences (p<0.05) between treatments, but there is a tendency to decrease the acidity and pH increased in the depth of 10 cm to 20 cm. The concentrations of P and K at 10 cm showed an increase in all treatments and there was a variation in Ca and Mg concentrations of the three depths. Micronutrients increase as the depth is greater, but no significant differences. Microbiological analysis showed more cfu/g of bacteria, yeasts and actinomicetes and low population of fungi in the rhizosphere soil with the highest dose of Agrimag®.

Key words: acidity, calcium and magnesium hydroxide, pH, rhizosphere.

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