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Sustainability Prize 2011

The third prize was awarded in 2011 to Yngrid Stephani Espinoza Villaruel (Peru) and Kenia Suyapa Betancourth Mendoza (Honduras) for their Graduation Project “Self Sufficiency Program for the Technical Professional High School in Los Chiles, Alajuela, Costa Rica”.



In 2009, Dr. Michael Ben-Eli, director of the “Sustainability Laboratory”, established the Sustainability Prize for students at EARTH University. The Sustainability Prize is awarded to the Graduation Project (GP) that best incorporate “The Five Core Principles of Sustainability” as developed by Dr. Ben-Eli. These principles relate to the material domain, the economic domain, the domain of life, the social domain and the spiritual domain.

The acknowledgement of the GP takes place at the graduation ceremony with the presentation of a diploma and US $10,000, US $9000 for the winner and US $1000 for the high school he or she attended. In the case of two authors, each receives US $4000 and each high school receives US $1000.

The selection of the prize winning GP is determined by a committee whose members are selected annually by the president of EARTH. The identity of the members of the committee is kept secret. The committee follows an internal procedure designed for the selection of the winning GP. The committee does not announce or reveal any information about the selection of the prize.

The students must meet the following requirements in order for their GP to be considered for the prize: 1) Nomination of the GP for the prize: To do this the author(s) must complete the Nomination Form; 2) Submittal of a summary of the GP: The summary must include the objectives, a brief description of the methodology, and the results or possible results that the GP will generate.