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Evaluation of Products for the Stimulation of Root Growth in Pineapple


Pineapple is the world’s third most important tropical fruit. Costa Rica has obtained great economic benefits from pineapple production and commercialization in international markets. Nevertheless, during this process, the soil is exposed to a large amount of agrochemicals and this causes a negative environmental impact. The goal of this research study was to formulate and evaluate products that stimulate root growth in pineapple, for the future introduction of a product in the market. Four products were formulated and applied to the pineapple experimental units in the field and greenhouse. The products were: ECOHUM-RX + SINMAX (T1), fertilizer in pellet form (T2), ECOHUM-RX + SINMAX + Indole butyric acid + 6-benzylaminopurine (T3) and ECOHUM-RX + SINMAX + pellet (T4). The effect of the applied products on root development and above-ground biomass was evaluated and an economic evaluation was conducted. The soil analysis showed that Cu, Zn, K and P concentrations were in the range of medium or optimal in all cases, while foliar analysis showed that N, P and K were at high levels. This indicated that the products provided the necessary nutrients for plant growth and improved soil fertility. The four treatments did not show any significant statistical differences in foliar, root biomass, dry matter content, or in longitude of primary roots. The economic evaluation indicated that the less expensive product T1 and the T4 presented the highest price. The T2 had the best root growth; however, all the treatments contributed to the effective development of pineapple. For this reason, it is recommended to select the product according to the grower’s economic situation. The application of the products benefited the soil nutritional status, plant nutrition and health. Because of this, their use will allow an adequate development of the crop in terms of root and foliar growth; without an excessive use of agrochemicals. Consequently, this will contribute to minimize the negative impact of pineapple cultivation on the environment.

Key words: AIB, BAP, ECOHUM-RX, pellet, SINMAX GOLD.

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