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Evaluation of a Microasperation Method for Applying Emulsions on Foliage in an Organic Banana Plantation


Fungicide mixtures for control of black leaf streak (Mycosphaerella fijiensis Morelet) are applied with agricultural planes and backpack sprayer; however, these methods involve some risks to workers and the environment. In the plots of organic banana project at EARTH University applications of emulsions are made with a backpack sprayer. This project assessed the possibility of making these applications with a fixed system of misting. To select a suitable emitter, coverage was measured using sticks with water-sensitive cards in an open area without banana plants for two types of emitters: Miniwobler (MW) and Superspray (SS) from the Senninger Company. The options evaluated were: MW nozzle # 6, SS nozzle # 6, SS nozzle # 7 and SS nozzle # 8. Only the emitter MW nozzle # 6 was a significantly lower coverage. In the plots of organic bananas, emulsions were applied with a fixed emitter system using Superspray misting nozzle # 8. Measures of the coverage area were achieved with this system and with the backpack sprayer. Oil sensitive cards were placed on sticks and banana plants. The field measurements indicated that the coverage achieved with the misting system is significantly lower than that achieved with the backpack sprayer application.

Key words: organic banana, black leaf streak, misting, emulsions.

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