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Effect of Organic Nitrogen Fertilization Sources on the Organic Banana Project at EARTH University


The experimental project of organic bananas at EARTH University requires an organic N fertilizer source to provide the needs of the crop. This experiment evaluated three fertilizers for the organic N fertilization: compost (1.47 % N), blood meal (13.66 % N) and soybean and alfalfa meal (17 % N). These were selected according to their N content, market availability, and price. The experimental design consisted of an arrangement in a completely randomized block design with four treatments (three fertilizers and a control) and four replications. Each plot had a total of 33 plants and 8 to 10 sampled plants. The effects of these fertilizers were evaluated during five months considering the N uptake levels and some growth variables for banana plants. The results showed that during the evaluation period, the compost provided more N, 54.25 kg/ha, and managed to overcome the critical range of N content in plant tissue. There were no significant differences between treatments for the variables of height, circumference, number of leaves and leaf area index. Plants that received compost had higher root biomass at a depth of 10 cm (1.83 g/dm3), significantly different (p<0.01) as compared to the other treatments.

Key words: organic fertilizer, organic banana, growth, nitrogen, nutrition, nutrients.

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