ISSN: 1659-2751



Response of Orange Trees var. Valencia (Rootstock Flying Dragon) to Foliar and Soil Applications of Zinc


This study was conducted to evaluate the response of orange trees, var. Valencia (rootstock Flying Dragon), to foliar y soil applications of Zn. The results of the experiment indicated that there were no significant differences in the concentration of Zn between the plants organs. Significant differences existed among the treatments. The most recommended treatment to increase Zn concentration in roots was the pellet with an average of 366 mg/kg of Zn. With regards to the stem, the best treatment was the foliar spray with an average of 426 mg/kg of Zn. No significant difference existed between treatments with the leaves due to the high coefficient of variance (80.4 %). An interaction existed between the treatment variable and the organ variable, which was the expected result given that the treatments were towards the roots (pellet) or towards the leaves (spray). The constant treatment (without strong change in Zn concentration) was the pellet.

Key words: fertilization, orange, zinc.

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