ISSN: 1659-2751



Quantity and Quality of Biomass of Centipede Grass (Ischaemum timorense) Pasture under a Rational Grazing System


The study was conducted to evaluate the availability and the nutritional quality of the biomass in centipede grass (Ischaemum timorense) pasture under a rational grazing system at the Integrated Livestock Farm at EARTH University. The objective was to describe the characteristics from a nutritional and biomass production point of view, of a native pasture such as the centipede grass pasture under a rational grazing system. An analysis of botanical composition by paddocks was done to determinate the proportion of centipede grass in the pasture under study. The production of dry biomass in centipede grass was evaluated in kilograms per hectare, by paddocks, during the months of April to October. Foliar analysis data of the dry biomass of the centipede grass was analyzed by paddocks, to determinate the quality from the nutritional point of view.

Key words: botanical composition, centipede grass (Ischaemum timorense), biomass production rational grazing pasture system.

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