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Evaluation of Upland Rice (Oryza sativa) Germplasm in Costa Rica


In the humid tropic and dry tropic regions of Costa Rica, eleven varieties of Oryza sativa were evaluated. These varieties were from CIAT (Colombia): CT22113, 22047, Curinga, Esperanza, L3 and L23; from Agronorte (Brazil): ANa 7007, ANa 5015, AN Cambará y Cirad 141 and as a control, Palmar 18, the most planted variety in Costa Rica. The growth variable evaluated was plant height and the production variables were days until harvest, quantity of productive spikes per plant, production yield, and weight of 1000 grains. The earliest maturing cultivars were Curinga and Esperanza with 100 days until harvest, and CT2213 and Palmar 18 were the latest varieties with 120 days. In yield, the best for the humid tropic region were CT22047 (5671 kg/ha) and ANa 7007 (4052 kg/ha); while in the dry tropic region the highest yields corresponded to CT22113 (7950 kg/ha), Palmar 18 (6952 kg/ha) and CT22047 (5651 kg/ha). In general, the obtained data was very promising for both of the localities under study.

Key words: rice, varieties, Oryza sativa, upland rice, drought, humid tropic, dry tropic.

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