ISSN: 1659-2751


Characterization of a Model Biodigester, as a Sustainable System for Implementation on Small Farms in Latin America


With the use of a trapezoidal PVC biodigester, this project served as applied research for the promotion of sustainable strategies to encourage environmental awareness in communities of Latin America and the Caribbean. A five-month experiment was conducted using a biodigester with a total capacity of 16.7 m3; a liquid phase of 12.6 m3 and 4.1 m3 of biogas storage capacity. The biodigester received a mixture of water and cattle manure and the manure had an average of 14.5 % total solids. The maximum temperature in the liquid phase was 37.0 °C and the minimum was 24.6 °C. The average daily production of biogas was 1.37 m3 and 34 L/kg of fresh manure. The biogas had, on average, 50.1 % CH4 and 29.9 % CO2, and an average production of 0.14 m3/d of H2S. The system had an average efficiency of reduction of BOD of 84 % and for COD an average efficiency of reduction of 89 %.

Key words: biogas, biodigester model, characterization, manure, sustainable system, small farms, temperature.

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