ISSN: 1659-2751



Strategy for Socio Organizational Strengthening in the Community of Tanagra, Sixaola, Limón, Costa Rica


Development processes used to combat poverty and inequality has followed inadequate paths, which limit the participation of communities in decision making and public policy. Based on this situation, a strategy was proposed to strengthen the socio organizational area as an alternative for a participatory and inclusive development. The project was implemented in Tanagra, Sixaola, Costa Rica and involves four phases: 1) participatory assessment, 2) identification of needs, 3) socio organizational strengthening, and 4) formation of a community committee. The community identified as the principal problems the lack of organization and community integration, the limited access to basic services and resources and lack of recreational spaces. The solution proposed by the community was the formation of a community development organization to promote the development of projects. The process of strengthening allowed for an increased involvement of families in community activities and an increased level of confidence in community leaders; the strategy provided the necessary tools for organization and self-management.

Key words: self-management, empowerment, socio organizational strengthening, participatory tools, multiculturalism, poverty.

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