ISSN: 1659-2751



Foliar Application of Four Sources of Zn and its Effect on Foliar Concentrations in Valencia Oranges


Mineral nutrition for crops is characterized as one of the key aspects and one of the most effective ways to influence productivity. Zinc (Zn) was one of the first minor elements recognized and accepted as essential for crops. This study was performed on a seven-year-old Valencia orange plantation. The experiment was based on the foliar spray of four fertilizers: (Zn(NO3)2, ZnSO4, Zn-EDTA, Zn-AA) and the effect on the Zn concentration at different sampling times. It was found that in the first 6 h after the foliar spray, the ZnSO4 reached the greatest absorption; however, it was statistically equal to the absorption of Zn(NO3)2. From 24 h after the foliar spray, until the final leaf sample (14 days), Zn(NO3)2 showed the higher levels (p<0.05) in comparison with the other treatments, demonstrating that it has a long residual effect.

Key words: absorption, foliar spray, mineral nutrition, orange, residual, Zn.

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