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Effect of the Application of Humic Substances from Compost made from Pineapple in the Production of Lettuce and Chinese Cabbage


The effect of the application of three foliar fertilizers prepared with HS (HS, NPK and HS+NPK, at concentrations of 1 %, 5 % and 10 %) on aerial biomass production and nutrient content of lettuce (Lactuta sativa) and Chinese cabbage (Brassica juncea) was evaluated in a greenhouse experiment. One plant seedling was planted in a pot and foliar fertilizer was sprayed weekly after planting. Six weeks after planting aerial wet and dry biomasses were quantified. No significant differences were found in biomass, wet or dry, between fertilizers HS and NPK or between fertilizers NPK and NPK+HS. Only a significant decrease in biomass of lettuce was found between fertilizer NPK and the biomass of fertilizer HS+NPK, both at 10 %. In general, N, P and K contents showed no significant differences between fertilizers HS and NPK or between fertilizers NPK and NPK+HS. The results of this study indicate that the use of HS alone or mixed with NPK did not improve biomass production of both crops. The study concluded that the use of HS as foliar fertilizer was not effective in improving biomass production or its nutrient content and suggested that the use of humic acids extracted from the pineapple compost be evaluated.

Key words: biomass, compost, foliar fertilizer, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, pineapple, humic substances.

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