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Comparative Study of the Municipal Management in Guácimo and San Carlos Counties


The Municipal Management Index (IGM) allows local governments to know the status of their organization and provide information to take corrective actions with respect to weaker factors. The municipality of Guácimo, in 2011, was ranked no. 76 out of 81 counties nationwide, where 81 corresponded to the municipality with poorest management. This raises a concern for the city of Guácimo. Variables were identified for priority attention in the municpality of Guácimo in order to generate a proposal for improvement. To achieve this, procedures and frameworks based on the methodology used for the classification of municipalities, conducted by the Comptroller General of the Republic, were analyzed. Subsequently the case of the municipality of Guácimo was analyzed and three critical areas were prioritized: 1) institutional development and management, 2) planning, participation and accountability, and 3) environmental management development. The score for the municipality of San Carlos progressively improved in recent years, so it was taken as a case for comparison to identify strategies for improvement. The difference observed between the rankings of Guácimo and San Carlos were due to the fact that officials in San Carlos use an institutional annual plan in conjunction with their municipal management plan. The municipality of San Carlos has planning offices, internal control, environmental management, public relations, and has strategic alliances with the private sector enabling greater fundraising modalities. The municipality of Guácimo has not yet adapted its institutional system. It is recommended that a planning department be operated to provide direction for achieving the institution’s goals, develop strategies for integration of citizens in decision-making and it is also suggested that they have an environmental management department for internal and external projection of the municipal offices.

Key words: municipal management, local governments, Municipality of Guácimo, Municipality of San Carlos.

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