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Use of Amendments and the Effect on Soil Chemical and Bromatological Characteristics of Tropical Pastures


The adequate movement and supply of nutrients in the soil is important to meet crops needs. There are many properties that affect soil nutrient availability. For proper nutritional management it is important to know the physical and chemical conditions of the soil. Moreover, for adequate dairy farming it is essential to produce good quantity and quality of pasture. This project evaluated the effects of two amendments (Triple Cal and Crop ENLASA) at two doses in dairy farms located in the area of San Carlos, on the chemical characteristics of the soil and forage quality parameters . The soil variables were measured at two depths (0 cm to 10 cm and 10 cm to 20 cm). The pH did not change with depth until 20 cm, but responded positively to the amendments of Triple Cal. The extractable acidity changed with depth and improved after the application of the amendments. Furthermore, statistical differences were found between treatments for K and P in the soil, relative to the control. Fresh matter production increased with time in all treatments, forage chemical characteristics had no significant differences among treatments. In the pastures, the dry matter production increased with time in all treatments. However, there were no significant differences among treatments for the forage bromatological analyses.

Key words: amendments, dairy farm, pasture, soil.

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