ISSN: 1659-2751



Nutrient Extraction and Supply in an Organic Banana Agroforestry Production System


A study was conducted on the extraction of nutrients N, P, K, Ca and Mg with the harvest of a 2.3 ha plot of organic bananas, established under four types of agroforestry systems, in order determine the contributions made by the biomass from legumes, forest trees and shade trees accompanying the crop. The total nutrient removal in 112 stocks of bananas harvested, and the contributions made by the biomass from legume cuttings and timber and shade trees, was quantified. Additionally, the nutrient content in the soil was estimated. The balance between the contributions of biomass and extraction indicated that only K was not fully compensated and that this was extracted from the soil. Therefore, to maintain and improve fertility in this area, the application of at least 3.0 Mg/ha per year of the product EM-compost, prepared by the Commercial Farm of EARTH University, is recommended.

Key words: agroforestry, supply, organic bananas, biomass, EM-compost, extraction, nutrients.

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