ISSN: 1659-2751



Fiber Content and in vitro Digestibility of the Flour of Forage Bushes


To identify the potential of tropical shrub leaf flour fiber composition and in vitro digestibility of Cratylia argentea, Gliricidia sepium, Erythrina sp., Tithonia diversifolia and Morus alba, were determined in analyses after 17 and 20 weeks of regrowth. Regarding the NDFcontent, M. alba and G. sepium presented the lowest percentages (49 %). M. alba was the species that presented the lowest ADF content (32 %) and the highest ADF contents were, after 17 weeks T. diversifolia and after 20 weeks Erythrina sp., similar to that of C. argentea (53 %). M. alba had the lowest crude fiber content (37.8 %); the highest levels were presented by Erythrina sp. (51.1 %) and C. argentea (48.2 %). The species with the highest digestibility was M. alba (94 %). Less digestible species were C. argentea (62 %) and Erythrina sp. (58 %).

Key words: Cratylia argentea, IVDMD, Erythrina sp., CF, ADF, NDF, Gliricidia sepium, Morus alba, Tithonia diversifolia.

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