ISSN: 1659-2751



Evaluation of Silicates to Improve the Dynamic of Nutrients in Soil Measuring the Effect on the Production of Corn (Zea mays)


Many soils present problems with P fixation, low amounts of Mg and Ca, and Si leaching. This last element is taken up by plants in large amounts and its depletion causes nutritional disorders and susceptibility to disease. This study sought to identify Si sources in Costa Rica, to measure the effects of the Si on soil nutrient dynamics and on corn production. For this, two soil samplings were carried out in two pacific region of Costa Rica, specifically at the EARTH University – La Flor farm and the area surrounding the community of Martina Bustos. Both samples were analyzed to determinate chemical and physical properties. Also a mineralogy study was conducted by X-ray diffraction. For the field test, in humid tropic conditions, an experiment was established with a random plots statistical design. Six treatments were evaluated, as well as a control, comparing the two Si sources and commercial CaCO3, at two doses (2 Mg/ha and 4 Mg/ha). With respect to the corn dry biomass yield there were significant differences between treatments (p<0.05), with 4 Mg/ha in the Martina Bustos soil having the highest biomass production. Based on the results, it was concluded that Martina Bustos soil has the potential to be a Si source and its application could improve the nutrient dynamics in soil and increase corn biomass production.

Key words: dynamic, nutrient availability, source, La Flor, Martina Bustos, corn, silicon.

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