ISSN: 1659-2751



Evaluation of the Productivity of Biodigesters Supplemented with Waste Oil as an Alternative for the Reduction of Deforestation in Haiti


This research evaluates the increase in biogas production using oil waste as a supplement. The used oil has a high energy potential due to its high lipid content. For this, two types of substrates were used: food scraps and swine manure. The four treatments were: T1 (food waste), T2 (food waste and waste oil), T3 (swine manure), T4 (swine manure and waste oil) and each treatment had three repetitions. The biogas production was highest in T1, 0.17 m3/kg VS, with an average of 50 % CH4. The other treatments produced a lower quantity and quality of biogas. In the effluent of T1 and T2, the COD concentration was decreased by 90 %.

Key words: biogas, CH4, swine manure, food waste.

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