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Development of a Portfolio of Projects for the Implementation of Integrated Farms in the Community of Verdetica


The integrated farm is a viable alternative to harness the resources of the land and to protect nature, being a tool for developing and improving rural communities so that families get the most from their resources, generate family employment and acquire accessible food. The main objective of this graduation project was to develop a portfolio of projects based on the model of an Integrated Farm in the community of Verdetica in Roxana of Pococcí to overcome limitations and strengthen the available resources, which allows for sustainable community development with equitable opportunities for all. Thus, a design of different projects was created which comprised clean energy, agricultural, human, water harvesting and sustainability components. Within each of these portfolios, there were other farm activities that were grouped according to their similar characteristics, with each having their own production plans. The human component was essential for the realization of this project as it provided the key information for the selection of the five portfolios and the development of the projects. As a result, the design of the integrated farm projects was realized under these conditions as well as with a work plan, training and consultancy for the families, all contributing to the learning of these components, so that they could improve their interpersonal relationships and achieve a better quality of life by opting for an environmentally sustainable alternative.

Key words: portfolio, community development, integrated farm, sustainability.

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