ISSN: 1659-2751



Comparison of a Complete Mix Pilot Digester and a Batch Test for Methane Production from Food Waste


The generation of organic food waste is currently one of the greatest problems in urban centers. This project evaluated a prototype of a dry anaerobic reactor (DAR) fed with organic food waste and compared its biogas yield to the maximum biogas production potential of the substrate, determined by a batch test. The prototype was designed to work as a complete mix reactor, with an organic load rate of 1.32 kg/m3 volatile solids (VS) per day and a hydraulic retention rate of 298 days. The maximum CH4 production potential in the reactor ranged between 344 mL/g VS and 416 mL/g VS. The CH4 yield obtained was 22.8 mL/g VS (STP). The main factors affecting the performance of the prototype were the temperature fluctuations and the variations in pH.

Key words: batch test, complete mix, dry anaerobic reactor, CH4 yield, food waste.

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