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Processing and Commercialization Alternatives for Root and Tuber Crops in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua


The project was conducted in the city of Bluefields, department head of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua which evaluated various alternative processing cassava, malanga and quequisque, utilizing the technologies and principles of sustainable production and marketing potential Bluefields market. It was a non-experimental research that had direct impact on the Kukra River, Kukra Hill and The Zompopera communities during the collection of information that defined the location of the processing plant, raw material suppliers, and economic viability, social and environmental project. The roots and tubers were processed and fried foods and vacuum-packed products, representing a potential demand for a 1118.5 kg/week and 341 kg/week, respectively, were processed at 3457 kg/week of roots and tubers, as will generate 11 direct jobs and 28 producers benefited from the purchase of raw material. Revenues are estimated at US$ 40,614 in the first year of operation according to the projected income statement and a net present value of US$ 162,793 in lost five. With the operation of the project the social impact for communities quantified estimate of incidence is US$ 4,160.00 per year to be devoted to social work. Quantifying environmental costs is estimated at US$ 2,200 per year for ISO 14064-1 ISO 14064-2, and HACCP certification as part of the company’s environmental responsibility and ensuring compliance with safety in the process of business operation.

Key words: Bluefields, fried products, processing plant, roots and tubers, vacuum-packed products.

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