ISSN: 1659-2751



Formulation of a Management Plan for the Sustainable Silviculture Stands of Bamboo (Guadua angustifolia) at EARTH University, Costa Rica


This research project details silvicultural management and a sustainable plan to use Guadua angustifolia at EARTH University. The total area covered by G. angustifolia at the university is 10.02 hectares but only 1.66 ha was inventoried. Two possible harvesting regimes were identified to use G. angustifolia, at 40 % and 25 % intensity. The first stand at the main entrance of EARTH’s campus is 1.66 ha and the second one is 8.35 ha. A cutting cycle of 12 months was identified based on the intensity of harvest and market availability. It was estimated that in the first cutting cycle 12 909 full-grown culms could be harvested. It is intended that with the implementation of this management plan, the university could obtain higher market prices for the bamboo, as well as to develop projects that promote this industry and its sustainable development.

Key words: profit, cutting cycle, stages of bamboo maturity, ideal structure, guadua, harvest intensity, inventory, management plan, culms of plants, sustainable.

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