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Effect of an Orgánic Fertilizer as a Nitrogen Supplement in the First Generation of Banana (Musa AAA cv. Williams)


The objective of this study was to investigate organic alternatives for the nutrition of banana plants (Musa AAA, cv. Williams). The effects of an organic fertilizer used as a supplement of N in the first generation of banana plants were evaluated. The design was an experimental plot using completely randomized blocks with four treatments and four replications. Every experimental unit had 34 plants arranged in three continuous rows; each side had rows legumes such as Cratylia argentea, Erythrina poeppigiana and Flemingia macrophylla. The biomass from the continuous pruning cycle of these legumes was placed on the soil between the rows of the banana plants to work as a natural source of N; in addition, a nitrogenous organic supplement was also applied. The annual nutrient application program per hectare was 203 kg of N, 29 kg of P2O5, 336 kg of K2O, 362 kg of CaO and 382 kg of MgO. The K, Mg and Ca sources were potassium-magnesium sulfate (Kmag) and dolomitic lime, respectively. Upon analysis, the samples tested did not show a significant difference (p≤0,05) for the following variables: height and circumference of the plant, sucker height, number of leaves, fruit characteristics, crop nutrition and nutritional content in the soil. The cost/benefit relationship was low in treatments where the nitrogenous organic supplements were applied.

Key words: banana, nitrogen, nutrition, nutrients, organic production, organic supplement.

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