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Biodigestion as a Strategy in the Sustainable Management of Organic Wastes and to Promote Alliances between Agro-Industry, Communities, and Networks of Ecological Schools


Based on the “Design Science” model of Buckminster Fuller, this project served to integrate applied research to promote sustaining alliances and environmental awareness as one new integrated paradigm of transforming agroindustrial organic wastes into energy and commercial fertilizers. A 10 week research was established using low cost Taiwan a type biodigestors operated in “batch” mode. The capacity of these digestors was 159 L. All four treatments contained ripe banana peel mixed with water and swine manure. Two treatments (T1 and T3) contained biofilms grown on discarded plastic bottles. In addition to banana peels, treatments T3 and T4 contained vinasses. Biogas production rates showed no statistically significant difference between T2 and T3. However, from T3 produced 691, 96 L biogas which was 24 % more than T4 and 40 % more than T1. T3 was nutritionally richer at the end of digestion, featuring 3 570,90 mg/L of potassium. With all treatments, it is anticipated that 0,9 MgCO2 year-1 could be reduced, adding up to 12 % a 20 %/digester, that could be reimbursed and can generate 2 610, 48 kWh/year. These results were available for the agribusiness sector to encourage entrepreneurial alliances among rural communities impacted by the organic waste; through a seminar, biogasification was featured as an integrated approach in the sustainable management of agroindustrial wastes. Supporting community groups, in collaboration with MEP and MINAET, awareness on waste situation was promoted among 100 children of an ecological school network, strengthening a better understanding and impact on health, environment and community wellbeing, and additionally, strengthening “social capital” for the use of affordable technologies that could allow for practical recycling methods with economical returns, fostering ecological re a cycles and resulting in a new social approach that can be replicated in any community.

Key words: alliances, banana peel, biodigesters, biofilms, biogas, community, environmental awareness, integration, seminar, vinasse.

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