ISSN: 1659-2751



Use of Dehydrated Banana Waste Products in the Elaboration of High Fiber Cookies and Breads


Dehydrated rachis, bract and green banana peel products were used to make oat bread and sweet cookies. The goal was to enrich the bakery goods with dietetic fibers to create new products with nutritional benefits. Three formulations were prepared with the dehydrated products. These formulations were added as part of the ingredients in the preparation of bread and cookie products. Sensorial tests of the products were conducted and the participants found no differences between the bakery products that contained the different formulations. The bread did not receive an acceptance rating (<70 % acceptance) but the sweet cookies were found to be acceptable (>70 % acceptance). The dietetic fiber content of the sweet cookies was 7.4 %, above the lower limit to be classified as an enriched product. For this reason the use of banana wastes could be an interesting alternative as a source of dietary fiber.

Key words: fiber enriched product, sweet cookies, oat bread, banana wastes.

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