ISSN: 1659-2751



Supplementing Biodigestors with Vinasse and its Effect on the Production and Quality of Biogas and the Effluents


This study was carried out to determine the potential use of different concentrations of vinasse in the quality and quantity of biogas in Taiwan type biodigesters, through the measurement of CH4, H2S, and the quality of the effluents. Four treatments, with three repetitions, were tested: 0 %, 20 %, 40 %, and 80 % of vinasse. The treatment of 40 % vinasse demonstrated the highest production of biogas, with 42.6 L/d (27.8 % and 38.4 % of daily biogas and CH4 production, respectively, in relation to the liquid phase) and an increase of 54 % with respect to the control. Only the control presented a significant difference with respect to the production of CH4 and the only treatment with H2S in the biogas. The highest concentration of COD and total solids was found in the treatment with 80 % vinasse. Although in all the treatments there was a reduction in COD and total solids in the effluent, none of the effluents complied with the permissible level for the discharge of wastewater.

Key words: biogas, biodigestors, COD, H2S, CH4, vinasse.

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