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Evaluation of the Sustainability of Biogeneration of Electricity, in an Anaerobic Fermentation System, in a Combination of Two Taiwan Type Biodigesters Supplemented with Swine and Cattle Manure


The sustainability of the electric biogeneration is evaluated for the capacity of the biodigesters as wastewater treatment systems, production of energy, ability to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, and economic analysis. The system of biogeneration of electricity at EARTH University was able to reduce significantly the COD concentration in the water between 78 % and 91 %. The system produced 28.5 m3/d of biogas with concentrations of (62.3±0.7) % to (76.6±1.4) % CH4. With an efficiency of 9.4 % in the electric generator, the system produced 12.9 kW/h of electricity with the ability to offset the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 103 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, the effluent contains a daily nutrient load equivalent to 0.62 kg de DAP, 0.93 kg de urea and 1.95 kg de KCl. The cost of the system was US$ 100,200, with an annual income of US$ 2,423. The return on investment would be 41 years, which means the system is not economically viable.

Key words: biodigesters, biogas, electricity, anaerobic fermentation.

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