ISSN: 1659-2751



Comparative Analysis of the Image of the Peasant Farmer in the Mass Media with Respect to their Reality, in Two Communities in Guácimo County, Limón, Costa Rica


Mass media reflect and shape an important part of the reality of different human groups. It is fundamental to deeply investigate this to generate information that has real and solid bases to understand the repercussions of the territorial and numerical definitions of rurality. Moreover, it is vital to analyze their consequences on the rural reality and its reflection on society. To propose rural development models that do not correspond to the reality of a community or sector will support unbalanced models. It will contribute to inequality and misinformation. Without any doubt, mass media play a key role in this process, since they directly or indirectly make public information such as recommendations, conclusions and concepts available to people. Through a comparative analysis of the image of the rural population in mass media versus their reality, models of rurality were contrasted in two communities in Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica. This process showed that media should draw attention to the need to rethink the impressions that such representations generate in different human groups.

Key words: rural population, rural inhabitant, mass media, territorial profiling, rural population, rural, rurality.

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