ISSN: 1659-2751



Comparison of Systems of Logging Exploitation using Oxen and Agricultural Machinery at the Commercial Forestry Unit at EARTH University


This purpose of this investigation was to implement a system of logging exploitation, using oxen and two removal methods, chains or a logging arch, and comparing production (m3/h) factors. As well, the profitability of these two methods was compared to the system of removal using machinery. To calculate the productive characteristics, the removal rate (m3/h) of the team during four hours per day, in a forest plantation at EARTH University, was evaluated. The activities of removal time, return, rest, and force exerted were significantly different (p<0.05) between the two methods tested. No significant differences between the two methods were found (p>0.05) for the length, width, coupling, decoupling and extracted volume. When comparing the economics of the two removal methods with removal by machinery, the return on investment with the logging arch was the same as with the Caterpillar 518, 62 %, and better than the New Holland agricultural tractor 4635. The John Deere 4755 forestry tractor was the most profitable removal method with a return on investment of 85 %.

Key words: oxen, wood removal, logging arch, animal traction, agricultural tractor, forestry tractor.

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