ISSN: 1659-2751



Using the Power Take-Off of the Light Truck to Run Stationary Farm Equipment


The expression power take-off is used to indicate the rod or rods that transmit the mechanical power of a machine. It is an axial rod fluted at one end and driven by a motor. In the present work, the power take-off of a light truck is proposed as an accessory for stationary farm equipment. This power take-off consists of a base, and the rod or rods that transmit the mechanical power. At the base of the rods is a round plate that is screwed directly onto the back axis of the vehicle. The proposal is to install this accessory on vehicles at the factory, at an approximate cost of US$ 50.00 ($700,00). With this accessory the farmer can power fixed farming equipment like fodder mills, food mixers, and choppers. This design is an economical and functional way to connect the power take-off of the light truck to stationary farm equipment.

Key words: foods, machinery, technology, power take-off.

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