ISSN: 1659-2751



Analysis of the Management of the Municipality of Guacimo


The “Contraloría General de la República (CGR)” of Costa Rica reports problems in relation to the management of “Guácimo” Municipality. EARTH University and “Guácimo” Municipality conducted this study to identify actions to improve the situation. One conclusion is that the procedure used by the CGR ignores environmental and social aspects. Most of the units in the municipality showed lack of objectives and goals as well as indicators to follow up the activities. There are problems with the software used to manage data, lack of coordination among units, and lack of resources in some units. A positive aspect was the openness of the authorities and willingness of employees to improve their performance. It was recommended to improve the previously mentioned problems and to analyze deeply the relation of families, enterprises and government to use a long-term regional planning approach.

Key words: organizational analysis, municipal management, local government, regional planning.

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