ISSN: 1659-2751



Management of Solid Wastes in Nosara, Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


In the small coastal community of Nosara (Guanacaste, Costa Rica), whose economy depends on tourism, a diagnostic of the management of solid wastes was conducted, including an analysis of the types of wastes generated to determine the potential for recycling. It was found that 35 % of the waste generated has the potential to be recycled and another 52 % are organic wastes. The principal problem of waste management in Nosara is the area for final disposal is an open air dump. The town lacks a waste management plan that promotes the reduction and recycling of waste. The company in charge of waste collection has administrative problems and there are communication problems among the different sectors in the community. A Sector Plan for Integrated Waste Management in Nosara, structured within the guidelines of the Costa Rican law of Integrated Residue Management, was developed as a result of this study. This plan promotes education, waste reduction, valorization of wastes, and the correct handling of wastes for final disposal.

Key words: Garbage dump, solid wastes, education, integrated management, recycle, reduction, tourism.

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