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Integrated Waste Management of Ordinary Solid Waste in the Urban Center of San Jerónimo in the Department of Comayagua, Honduras


The problems related to waste management that cities in developing nations face are well known, but the solutions to these problems are slow in coming. In rural communities, the problem of managing the solid wastes is not a priority for those in charge of the collection, transport, treatment and final deposit of these wastes. In the municipality of San Jerónimo, Department of Comayagua in Honduras, there is no service offered for garbage collection and the wastes do not receive any type of treatment. The residents of the community use the Municipal Crematorium for the final deposit of the wastes, a site arbitrarily selected for this purpose. The people, who live in the dump and separate the wastes, aggravate the problem of proliferation of diseases that are generated from contact with the wastes. The objective of this study was to elaborate an integrated waste management plan for the municipality of San Jerónimo, taking into consideration the conditions and characteristics of this community. The members of this community are ready to face this challenge of making a positive change in the waste the solid wastes are handled. What they lack is the power and the practical knowledge to put the ideas into action to improve the situation. The recuperation of secondary materials would benefit the community, as the resulting economic resources would stay in the community and not in the hands of an external buyer. In addition, it would help to conserve the environment and contribute to the social wellbeing of community members. Because the municipality of San Jerónimo is so close to the city of Comayagua, it would be easy to find markets for the secondary materials and would help to negotiate fair prices for the materials. Even though organizations have the knowledge and good intentions to work on solving the problems of waste management in this community, without empowerment and a strong commitment to participate and be part of the change, the analyses and investigations done in this study will not come to anything. The prioritization and commitment of the leaders and community members of the municipality of San Jerónimo for managing the solids wastes is essential for the changes that must be made.

Key words: Solid wastes, recyclable materials, integrated solid waste management plan, San Jerónimo.

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