ISSN: 1659-2751



Effect of the Use of Residual Fat in Biodigestors on Biogas Production and Effluent Quality


This work was undertaken with the purpose of developing a system that allows the use of residual fat in biodigesters to increase the production and quality of biogas. The study was done at the Integrated Livestock Farm of EARTH University, following 3 treatments (T0 with 0 %, T2 with 2.5 % and T5 with 5 % fat in the biodigesters) and 4 repetitions for each treatment. There was an increase of 95.5 % in the production of biogas with the addition of 5 % fat and the content of methane also increased, with 73.9 % and 76.9 % methane in T2 and T5, respectively. In addition, the content of fat in the treatments was reduced in quantity to almost zero. Organic matter was significantly reduced, by 63.3 %, 59.8 % and 48.1 % in relation to BOD and 87.2 %, 92.4 % y 91.2 % in relation to COD, in treatments T0, T2 y T5, respectively.

Key words: Biodigesters, biogas, water quality, pollution, energy, fat, organic matter, methane (CH4), nutrients.

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