ISSN: 1659-2751



Seed Storage of Different Orchid Species for Conservation in a Germplasm Bank: I. Maturation, Viability and Longevity of Seeds


The storage of seeds represents a potential as an ex situ conservation system for endangered neotropical orchid species. In this first study, seeds produced from autogamy, geitonogamy and allogamy were evaluated for their viability and embryos. The longevity of seeds from capsules of four different development stages was compared. The study was conducted at the Lankester Botanical Garden, in Costa Rica. The results showed that allogamy produced seeds with a higher viability in most of the species. Therefore, for conservation of neotropical orchid species, cross pollination is recommended. The seeds originating from more mature capsules showed a higher longevity. For this reason, mature capsules should be harvested, that is, fruits which open naturally on the plant.

Key words: Maturity, orchids, pollination, seeds, viability.

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