ISSN: 1659-2751



Fermented, Liquid Fertilizers and their Effectiveness in Papaya (Carica papaya L.)


The use of fermented, liquid fertilizers (ALF) as foliar fertilizers has been adopted in many countries, without a scientific base that supports and demonstrates their mode of action and effectiveness. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of ALF, information was acquired from experiences about the use of ALF through literature research and 12 interviews with producers. Very little information was found that described how ALF interact with plants. The availability of nutrients during fermentation of six different ALF mixtures was determined by chemical analysis. The results showed an increase in potassium and phosphorus contents of 18 % and 57 %, respectively, whereas calcium content decreased by 22 %. In addition, two greenhouse experiments were conducted to evaluate the response of papaya seedlings (Carica papaya L.) to the application of ALF. A consistent response could not be found with the application of liquid fertilizers in the field, with or without fermentation, with respect to nutritional content and growth of plants.

Key words: Fermented liquid fertilizers, foliar applications, bioferments, nutrient availability, cattle manure, fermentation.

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