ISSN: 1659-2751



DNA Extraction and Quantification of Dual-purpose Cattle Chosen through Selection Indices at EARTH


The production systems of dual purpose cattle in Latin America are known for having low productive and reproductive rates compared with similar systems in North America or Europe. Animal selection and molecular biology can be helpful tools to find, both in the field and in the laboratory, better productive and reproductive traits that guarantee the economic sustainability of these systems in tropical regions. The main objective of this study was to propose valid protocols of DNA extraction and quantification from selected dual purpose cattle [Brahman (Bos indicus L.) y Holstein (Bos taurus L.)] at EARTH’s Integrated Livestock Farm. To accomplish this objective, 731 data from 117 cows were analyzed, in order to choose through selection indexes, the best cattle from the herd based on milk production, weaning weight of the calves and daily weight gain index. Three different methods to isolate DNA were evaluated through electrophoresis and spectrophotometry. The best cattle from the herd were selected and the DNA extraction protocol was validated.

Key words: DNA, dual purpose cattle, selection indexes, protocols.

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